They fell in love…

He flashed across and left an image

and she lacked ,what they call courage

They became friends and later near

now she could see him close and clear

she asked,he asked , finally her man

but they broke their promises and this was not the plan

emotions were torn and they were in silence

but they couldn’t stay away too long from the fragrance

years together made beds cozier and warmer

their love grew like a wild snake without a charmer

summers and winters pass by and the love still holds tight

he knows it well what happens to her ,when he is out of sight !

should she compare him with the sky full of stars?

or is he the sword that would fight for her in the wars?

she has forgotten what it is to be alone

without him, her eye will cry a river along with the heart that will moan

this youth will eventually fade away like a camphor

she said, “hold my hand,walk with me and i promise i’ll love you forever!!”


Sailing Paper Boats.

Weightless leaves started swaying and rustling and the little hanging lights started swinging,the breeze was making a move.The azure skies with white clouds now could see a hint of black clouds,grey skies and white lightning making its way through the clouds and reaching the mountains peaks.It was about to rain !

The atmosphere felt gloomy,dullness took charge over the place.The dusk felt like night,with no sunset and horizon.Gently drop by drop,drizzling softly to make the soil wet and the leaves a place for water pearls.Drizzling turned to showers,the street lights flickered and felt dimmer in the wall of water.The hollow grounds turned to puddles and the drains were swept with rainwater tides.

Rains settled,the street lights seems clearer and leaves calmer than before.Frog croaks,bird chirps were audible and the window truss were less boisterous.
Little umbrellas and cute raincoats caught my eye running,mixed with commotion and excitement towards the puddles.Soon,umbrellas were no longer held and raincoats worn,just innocent faces splurging water,jumping in puddles and concerned moms holler.Paper boats made of colourful art sheets were sailed in the flowing drains in competition with other paper boats.

The weather was chilling, hot tea was boiling,mellow songs were playing and I was folding paper boats.I wore a jacket,grabbed paper boats and stepped out of the building to play with kids.I surrendered my hair to the wind,my boats to the drains,stress to the raindrops,feet to the puddles and myself to the childhood.

Rain is all you need to rejoice and relive when life doesn’t seem fair to you !

Living it all,the dreamy way..

Poured a cup of freshly brewed coffee into the mug, sipping it slowly I started searching for my phone which I lost after a chat with my mum. After a hunt of apartment, I found it under the washed pile of bed linen on the couch. I called up Denise, a local French girl whom I met on the streets while I was searching for a vegan restaurant two days ago, “Hey Denise, at Café de Flora in another 30”.Next few minutes after the soak, I kept searching for the perfect clothes to wear and after long trials and denials, I decided to go with blue denims and a black tee paired with white sneakers. On the way out I grabbed keys, cardigan and blue sunglasses.

Denise, well all I got to know about her in a couple of days was that she worked as a fashion blogger and she loved eating food, drinking wine, travelling and shopping, she was like the lost sister I came across on my solo adventure. I picked a table on the streets and started looking through the menu. I had some time to spare as I was waiting for Denise; I pulled the camera out of the backpack and started clicking a few pictures to put up on scrapbook. Patiently killing time and just before when people start judging me, assuming Denise would understand, I ordered myself Croissant au burré and chaud chocolat spécial Flore (croissant with butter and Café de Flore special hot chocolate).She showed up after I was done half done with croissant and I was about to merrily indulge in the hot chocolate .Even before she reached the table, she ordered Pain du raisin(Raisins bread) right away,she didn’t want to waste a single minute.We chatted for a while as we were having petit-déjeuner as they call it deciding how to spend the day.

The morning was satisfying and I was thrilled imagining about the day as Denise was going to take me to La tour Eiffel and street shopping on Rue de Rennes.I watched the Eiffel tower get epic as we took every turn close to it. Stepping out and staring at The Eiffel Tower, the most eminent attraction of Paris was incommunicably beautiful. The fancy metal work and labyrinth like design when you stand in the centre of the structure is breathtaking and legendary. We walked around the premises for a while, admiring the beauty of the world’s wonder,rebelieving that love doesn’t understand age after looking at newly wedded couples and the old couples celebrating years of togetherness and we kept capturing all those moments.The acutely wonderful beast with four legs and one head was incapable of being expressed in words.The elevator door opened, we got into the elevator, my heart was pounding with eagerness. The secret room of architect Gustave Eiffel,pleasant cool breeze, Champ de mars view from the top was intangible. We spent hours at Eiffel Tower; but Denise was busy for next few days and we had things to do and places to be and “Street shopping here we come”.

Linking road, Bandra, which exactly what Rue de renne was !! a street shopping fest. We ate lunch before we would get lost in the ocean of clothes and book and the whole shopping thing.Denise promised to help me with the shopping, her fashion sense was excellent and she obviously was a fashion blogger and it was Paris, the capital of fashion, even if you try you can’t find unacceptable fashion. She helped me pick a dozen of tops and denims and jackets and jwellery, some gorgeous maxi dresses and jumpsuits,etcetera. The street was over peopled and everyone seemed to be a shopaholic and everyone was their own trendsetter.
It was about to get dark, Denise dragged me  to a local wine shop, we got a bottle of Pinot Noir and dinner to go and returned to my rented apartment. Denise to swag around her skills opened the bottle and like a pro poured each a glass of red wine, well she had been taking classes. Dramatically picking up our glasses we inhaled the aroma, took a sip and talked about how the day was spent perfectly shopping, laughing on petty humor and sarcasm and dancing and running on the Parisian streets. I closed my eyes for a recap of the day and I was smiling ear to ear.

I heard giggling, I opened my eyes and I could see my sister laughing at me, not the lost one but the soul, I gasped and then I realized, “OH DREAM” .Living you dream in your dream is abstract ecstasy and as Richard Bach said;

“You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true”